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“Prison Studies” Reader Response “Prison Studies” by Malcolm X discusses his journey in improving his education throughout his time in prison. Scurrying alongside his doubts he worked his way to better himself in reading and writing through unique ways of memorization. Nevertheless the article challenges my views, opinions, and addresses my experiences towards how writing and reading have been important in my life. Understanding this text and its uniqueness is uneasy for me to read as it challenges what I believe about Prison. Prison from my view I is where criminals, uneducated and naïve people are. It’s also people who have not recognized there is an easy way to avoid such a path. Nonetheless, the words were almost communitive and I realized some should be given the benefit of the doubt. What is also stated in the article is it informs society that a life in prison is no excuse for no improvement. Malcolm’s challenging story about his…show more content…
The English language is very amazing to know and I love the infinite amount of books and words used to this day. Malcolm however does see to it that it important as well. Coming from a Hispanic background it is often we grow into slang vocabulary. Without my persistence in improving my vocabulary both in Spanish and English I’d settle for general elementary words. Under the circumstances struggling is not an option where it cannot be improved either. Along that note this article does proceed to pass importance as is it declares, “… my reading of books, months passed without my even thinking about being imprisoned. In fact up to then, I never had been so truly free in my life” (X 591). His expression suits Anne Tyler as she endorses, “I read so that I may live more than one life in more than one place”. Both expressions are likewise as I feel agreeable to

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