Police Brutality In African American Culture

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In class we viewed multiple articles and advertisements demoralizing the female gender, analyzing the language used in different text types to express gender equality. Specifically, we looked at the he for she speech by Emma Watson. I was inspired by Emma Watson’s speech to explore different situations around the world today where women are discriminated against and oppressed in the media. This led me to explore the effect of police brutality on females in the African American community and how they are portrayed in the media. Therefore, I chose to create a column in People magazine called ‘Females Of Equality’, where I interview several young females of the African American culture on their response to the police brutality that is occurring…show more content…
In recent months, the killings of black men have primarily shaped the movement Black Lives Matter. But Black females have also been targeted and victimized by the police, and yet to bring equal public attention or outrage. Have we failed to frame our perception on the general picture of police brutality? People magazine took the streets of Cleveland, asking young African American females on how they feel about black women affected by police brutality. “y’all don’t recognize us women, heck if I died right now no one would hear about it” answered a frustrated female local resident, which emotion tended to seem common within Black females in the area. But, how, are African American females shaping the concept of Black Lives…show more content…
Light is being shed on it recently as this issue begins to grow. “We’re not asking for answers anymore. We’re demanding them” a young African American female claims. It is important that we keep the target audience as a result of these brutalities in mind. The aftermath of these deaths are not intended to create sympathy amongst the black males for females, or to only target police wrong doings, but to encourage young Black women to take a stand and mold the future of the black lives matter movement. But now, how, can African American females victim of domestic violence issues trust the law enforcement? One young female dressed in all black whose mother was a victim to police brutality confidently claimed “y’all need to create an alternative way, how my loved ones gon’ be killed by the ones we supposed to trust?”. One alternative is Cure the Violence project in which valued and respected citizens intervene in violent situations. Countless organizations and committees are beginning to be formed in order to ensure safety of others. African American females face risks not shared by men. These risks include sexual violence and sexual harassment from law enforcement. A video surfaced on the Internet of a law enforcement officer tackling an unarmed, black teenage female in a swimsuit. Another video

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