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Background of the Study The demand for food increases as the population increases so thus food waste. Calasiao Fish Market has abundant supply of milk fish (Chanos chanos) but demands a great concern for the management of waste or fish waste. Buyers or marketers at the fish market always ask the vendors to remove the unwanted part of the fish. The discarded part of the fish once left for several hours become smelly and messy. It attracts bacteria and other insects or pests. It is also hazardous to our health because it pollutes the air we breathe. This situation has made the researcher came up with the idea of recycling, by making fish waste into useful thing. Fish is protein rich food and a good source of organic fertilizer. Commercial fertilizer made from fish has proven its…show more content…
That is the reason why the researcher would like to study the use of fish waste from the wet market to make an organic foliar fertilizer. By adding molasses or sugar as fermenting agent to the fish waste, it can produce an organic fertilizer without foul odor because molasses and sugar help control odor. The researcher would like to find if this kind of fertilizer can be applied to flowering plants. This will not only improve our waste management system but it will make our garden more beautiful without spending much because the main material to be used is discarded fresh fish part, like fins, gills, scales and intestines. Statement of the Problem: This study was designed to prove the effect of fermented fish waste as foliar fertilizer to flowering plants. It sought to answer the following problem: a. Will the foliar fertilizer made from fish waste have a significant effect on the flowering plants? b. Will the garden plant with treatment have a significant difference for the garden plant without treatment? Hypotheses: The following statements will guide the researcher to answer the questions

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