Case Study Atlantic Waste Management

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Atlantic Waste Management Atlantic Waste Management is a trash company that offers a service that organizes the garbage for them by picking it up at the trash for customer desired location. So, customer is going to pay a flat rate of $25 per barrel. Atlantic waste delivers their clienteles an easier, lower and a more suitable different to their dumping needs. Several cities are narrow to one trash barrel only. 1. Consideration – Value Creation The particular considerations purpose of Atlantic removal to focus marketplace. So, this company wants to make their customer easy for their living and want the contractor to be helpful to the customer. They change old system to the new technique. Companies website is requiring making chose a time and…show more content…
Yes, Atlantic Waste company was solved the problem for workers by gathering up this trash at their location. because there was only two option company must go to public dumpster and landfill and throw it away the trash them self or rent large dumpster which can collect more trash and find another company to throw it away the trash and share the cost. How much value is created, i.e. how valuable is the solution? The company created value through saving their time since they are not driving to dump the trash, they save their time to work more instead of driving and they create easily clean environment. Also, their client get free pickups for the first time if they have references. 2. Customers the customers of trash company are the housing who needs to help to take their trash out. The customer can get discounts for choosing of purchasing months of trash removal. Also, the company wanted their customer to place the trash same where that they can take the trash easily without making any impact of the street lighting and telephone wires. Market…show more content…
Yes, this company continues growing because the company offering discounts and customer can choose the time and date they like. So, the company gets customer trust and noticed as a valuable and useful customer, then company get more great growth for their customer. 3. Competition West companies using some difference technique to challenges to increase a modest improvement. Trucks currently are operating a way of an automatic arm that is attaches to the truck that gathers up the garbage cans and dumps them in the back of the truck. Primary competitors were a new tactic to load the trash and junk removers and secondary competition was taking another companies trash to the dump and cleaning the environment. Company has more businesses and individual people who are looking to invest to waste removal and get success. There are three different competition that company face. Industry Analysis Waste Group’s target support is mainly collection of workers who make waste though jobs in an area that has more populated parts. The parts that this company going to focus are Somerville and Cambridge, Massachusetts and company thinks they could get more value in this

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