Importance Of Tourism In South Africa

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GROUP MEMBERS Mazibuko N.R 2010091359 Mngomezulu M.J 2009145380 Morajane M.P 2010121446 Sithole M.P 2010132823 Rakhale M Introduction: Tourism in small towns in SA. South Africa is a wonderful tourist destination on many levels, offering everything from trendy city outings and rough ‘n somersault rural adventures to big five safaris. Another thing that South Africa has in abundance though, is small, interesting towns which make for wonderful weekend escapes. Here are six namely: Clarens, Meitjiesfontein, Hilton, Hogsback, Prince Albert, and Dullstroom which we deem worthy of a visit in the case will discuss Clarens. Sempill (2013) compares Clarens to ‘the jewel of the Free State’ because is famous for its scenery view,…show more content…
During this time (1912) till 1980s, there was only one café which served the inhabitants who lived in the town and also they were supported by one agricultural purpose. In 1985, Clarens was transformed as the businessman Mr Weyers bought properties in order to preserve the natural resources and beauty of this town. He was also joined by Mr Crowther who also backed his idea of changing Clarens into a tourism destination. During these years most the homes were sold at less than…show more content…
According to Visser and Hoondoorn (2004) the development of Clarens as a second home destination owes it to Crowther and Weyers, ever since they had bought many properties which they saw as a potential for tourism development in the future. Because of an ambiguity of the term Second-home, it is better to find a key definition that can generally be accepted. A good definition of a Second-home is that of Goodall (1987). Goodall (1987 in Visser and Hoondoorn, 2004:107) states that “a second-home is a property owned or rented on a long lease, as the occasional residence of a household that usually lives elsewhere”. The gist of the above definition is that a second-home is a house which its owner usually spends a few times in the whole year living in it. Whenever the owner visit, it means that he/she is on holiday or during weekends or long weekends. This is because the owner has a permanent home where he/she spends most of the time working. Hoondoorn and Visser (2004) states that due to the development of leisure activities such as 4x4 trail, river rafting, quad biking, mountain biking in Clarens people interested in these activities started to purchase properties in the area which serve as their second

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