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The Common Wealth of Nations is an international organization comprising the Britain and her dominions. It was established as a consequence of the Balfour declaration, 1926 that emphasized on equality in status and independency from the Great Britain. Therefore, by virtue of the statute of Westminster, 1931 this organization was established as “The British and the Commonwealth of Nations” with 7 founding members including Canada, Australia, the Irish Free State, South Africa, New Zealand and Newfoundland that were recognized dominion in the Statue of Westminster . It was also agreed that the Great Britain would remain to be the monarchical head of the organization ensuring independency of states in all their domestic and foreign affairs of…show more content…
At the track all nations are at the same level and the sportiveness or recreational activity promotes the values of mutual respect, positive understanding, teamwork etc, it is one such area whose Moral values and rules are universal in character unlike the other alternatives in which rules of the game are different. it is the broader webs of interaction that build up around international sporting events between government, NGOs, business, media, civil society and, of course, teams and sporting bodies themselves. Thus Sports is used as a powerful tool among any other agenda like culture, education etc, as they are trapped in the context of differences in religion, race, gender etc for which there is no place in…show more content…
By hosting and participating in the international sports, the state actors project their identities and interests in the global community that facilitates countries to develop knowledge and formulate appropriate foreign policy improving its credibility. Also, these institutions in the process of diplomacy get converted into an important element of socio, political and economic phenomenon. FIFA which aims Geoffrey Allen Pigman and Stuart Muarray focuses upon certain reasons as to why sport is used as a diplomatic tool, they are

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