The Importance Of Beach Pollution

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Ofiara and Brown (as cited in Oigman-Pszczol & Creed, 2007) said that the incidence of debris along coastlines can lead to severe economic problems for areas that are reliant on tourism and marine activities. Morgan, Jones and Williams (as cited in Oigman-Pszczol & Creed, 2007) specified that the absence of litter has been acknowledged as a wanted beach quality in beach user main concerns. Such concerns have led to local community organizing beach cleanups. Trash is damaging to the tourism industry which is a main revenue generator in Aruba. The degradation of the appealing importance of beaches has a severe effect on many user groups such as tourist, recreational fishers, and recreational boaters, who visit and appreciate these regions because…show more content…
Regardless of the locality or the sort of the marine debris, it can have severe impacts. According to Piper (n.d.), social impacts in the case of marine debris is that the polluter is not paying. The local authorities/governments and the communities are paying for the failures of others. Many local community and authorities organize beach cleanups because of the area being a popular tourist attraction, there is a public health risk, constitutional requirement, or to reserve the nature and wildlife. Additionally marine debris can impact human being by causing danger to their health and safety. Beach users can be wounded by walking on broken glass, cans, needles or other sharp objects. Abandoned net and fishing lines can not only become tangled to marine creatures but can also become tangled to swimmers and divers. Travelers on vessels that strike or become entangled in floating or inundated marine debris may be hurt or killed if the vessel is broken or…show more content…
According to EPA United States Environmental Protection Agency (n.d.), environmental impacts are widespread and can be equally direct and indirect. Direct impacts happen when the marine life cycle is physically damaged by marine debris through consumption, for instance a turtle that will mistakenly eat a plastic bag for believing it is a jellyfish, or marine debris can physically change a delicate ecology, for instance a fishing net that is hauled alongside the ocean bottom by heavy ocean streams smothers a coral

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