Importance Of The Military

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The U.S. military is a strong force and body that protects and serves the American people. Many people support the military and some even disagree with it. What people forget is that without a military the U.S. would be totally over run by foreign countries claiming ground. The military also helps with the nation’s economy boosting the balance of money in the works. Families have trouble with members who serve since there is always chance that they never return but it is because of their service that we are still a free country. Even though the military causes pain to families when a loved one is lost, the U.S. needs a military because with a military the economy increases and that without a military we would be invaded by a dictator or foreign nation. The military is always performing actions to keep everything on track. Always training and always honing skills to better themselves against threats they themselves may come up against in the near future. All soldiers have requirements that have to be met to ensure readiness is guaranteed. The military has jobs and the jobs are sometimes prevented due to national…show more content…
This process can be tedious and some even so time consuming that they are dropped. The military has eliminated so many choices because of the cuts made to the military due to economic crises. The military has had to compact jobs due to shortages and rampant cuts. These happen so close together that military shortages happen practically every day and cause problems for the troops who are learning due to dramatic changes. (Army Magazine) Even with all these troubles the military is still able to show its power due to system of command. Even with this system deploying troops is not always a favorable choice because of the risk of losing men and women to war, disease, or even disasters. Choices are hard for the people who join because there is always the risk of losing a
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