Physiotherapy Essay

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Physiotherapy: Future Scope and Profiles. Physiotherapy: Physiotherapy is the part of medical science in which the specialist help the patient to rehabilitates from the physical injury and disability. Physiotherapy covers the manual therapy, electrotherapy, exercise therapy and mechanical force to provide the best treatment to the patient to early recovery from the injury, disease and disability. Physiotherapy mostly uses: Stretching. Massage. Medication. Exercise. Career as Physiotherapy Specialist Physiotherapists are qualified and trained professionals treat the patient to recover from any physical injury, disability and disease to full functionality and movement. They treat the patient of every age, from child to very old persons. Physiotherapist…show more content…
After 12th multiple choices are available- Level of Course Name of Course Qualification Duration Target Diploma. Diploma in Physiotherapy 55% in 12th with Science-Bio 2 years Jr. Physiotherapist Under Graduation Bachelor of Physiotherapy 55% in 12th with Science-Bio 4 years Sr. Physiotherapist Post Graduation Master of Physiotherapy Graduation in Physiotherapy 2 years Sr. Physiotherapist Doctorate PhD Master Degree in Physiotherapy 4 years+ 0.5-year Internship Physiotherapist (Doctor Level) Where can a Physiotherapist Work/ Do a Job? In the present and future market, a well qualified physical therapist have various job profiles in many places. Top order hospitals and health care centres have attractive job offers for the physiotherapists. Various sports and fitness centres also offer jobs to a physiotherapist. Check Career in Microbiology. List of working areas is given below: Top order Hospitals. Fitness and Health Clubs. Nursing Homes. Mental Health Centers. Sports Academies. Industrial Health Units. Meditation Centers. Health Departments of School and Colleges. Physical teaching Institutes. Defence Establishments. Rehabilitation Centers. Community Health
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