The Importance Of Military Leadership

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Leaders cannot be made out of thin air, they must be developed by past leaders and role models they come in contact with. Not everyone can be a leader, because leaders have certain characteristics that help them stand out and guide others. As future military leaders, we must think about how the decisions we make will impact our superiors, peers, subordinates, and future successors. Being a good, effective leader starts with character. Character is defined as the mental and moral qualities that are distinctive to an individual. When one decides to pursue a career in a profession of arms, that person is aware that there will be a standard. This standard does not only refer to physical fitness or tactical knowledge but a moral standard. A moral…show more content…
For a person to develop character with regards to military leadership, a person needs to place the greater good of the unit in front of his or her own needs. This is especially hard to do in our generation, due to the fact that we have adapted the "Big Me" concept of thinking. Every organization has jobs that do not carry as much importance as others and these jobs no matter how miniscule they may seem, need to be taken serious by whomever assumes responsibility for that role to ensure success of that organization. Individuals need to surround themselves with people who are more qualified or better than them at their job if they expect to grow and excel. Another way developing character applies to military leadership is the art of mastering the mind. A person who is easily agitated needs to be able to control those emotions so that he or she does not seem incompetent. A leader has to balance when it is right and wrong to show emotion, along with what type of emotion is okay to show, because those who follow, are always…show more content…
This takes an incredible amount of moral courage. While it may be true that not all warriors or Soldiers throughout history chose to join a profession of arms; and that some were forced to join due to laws or drafts. Those who chose not to walk away displayed some amount of physical and moral courage by answering the call. While moral courage can be interpreted as doing something difficult especially without the approval of others; it also must be in line with certain guidelines or a set of rules that an individual should follow. Whether they are friend or foe makes no difference. We represent a country of freedom and are expected to do what is morally right. A leader needs to ensure that he or she is morally sound and properly prepared to handle any situation that he or she may

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