Nelson Mandela Speech

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THE JOURNEY OF NELSON MANDELA Nelson Mandela played an important role in stopping racism and unjust laws in South Africa and around the world. Srikar - Nelson Mandela James - White People Stanley - Other + Narrator __________________________________ (Documentary) Stanley-On July 18, 1918, Nelson Mandela was born. He continued on in his life to achieve many accomplishments. After being forced to attend Fort Hare University, because it was the only other modern school for black South Africans, he led a student protest at his school against racist school policies. He was expelled afterwards for doing so. (Skit) James (as Principal) - Nelson, why did you take part in this nonsense? Who want civil rights? I certainly do not. Srikar (as Nelson) - I thought that civil rights provide social equality for all. Why should we judge someone by their skin color? James - Why do you have the right to challenge natural order? Srikar - But that’s not fair. There is no natural order. James - That is it young…show more content…
The trial continued for four years. In 1661 the last of the charged were acquitted. However during the last part of the trial, an unarmed protesting crowd in Sharpeville was caught under open fire from the police leaving 69 dead and 146 injured. Due to the Sharpeville massacre hundreds of people were detained and the ANC was banned permanently. Shortly before the end of the trial, Mandela and his colleagues planned a strike on the last days in March. Unfortunately the strike was called off early due to large military mobilization by the government. However, in 1961, Mandela is asked to lead an armed protest called Umkhonto We Sizwe (Spear of the Nation). He leaves the country for military training and returns ready to lead the
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