Persuasive Essay On Mandatory Military Service

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Mandatory Military Service (MMS) Many of the opinions of the present day admit not to resort to compulsory military service because this idea is not important and that it is far from human rights democracy, but mandatory military service has been present since ancient times. Each country has a strategy to turn civilian citizens into soldiers who are used at times War and fight for state protection. In ancient times, specifically in 221 BC, the Chinese Empire resorted to forced conscription and set some strategic plans at the time to avoid any danger that might adversely affect the Empire. Also during the French Revolution in 1970, it drafted a law to recruit citizens for fear of war and strife. In 1956 compulsory conscription in the German Federal Republic for men and women began to put an end to any threat to…show more content…
In 1999, Indiana's President of the United States, Mr. Penes, criticized Walt Disney for the theory of the film being made and the idea that the princess was fighting with the army "Mulan" then he said “Moral of the story: women in military, bad idea.” (Germano, 2016, para. 3(. After the Indiana governor said, the issue became more between opponents and supporters. After 1999, women challenged military difficulties and became increasingly important in military development and military support, with skills and expertise that made them more than 200,000. A woman in the military sector. (Germano, 2016, para. 5). Moreover, there are many signs of the positions of women in wars and support them in the steadfastness of the army and their participation in good and bad, also this indicates that their presence is very necessary and cannot be abandoned their position whatever

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