Descriptive Essay On A New House

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I just moved into a new house after my father's job had relocated him. I walked into a very old and musty smelling house, not all all how our old house was. Nor was the smell very homelike, or even inviting for that matter. The house was a little on the small side, a little old fashioned. The most frightening part though was that this new house had a scary old basement. Our old house did not have a basement, and I was glad. You see, I have always been into horror movies, and basements were just not my thing anymore, for obvious reasons. As if the basement wasn’t creepy enough, the person before us left all of his junk down there. No one even knows why the guys before us moved out. All more reasons to not like this house. I told my dad that a padlock seemed like a good thing to put on the basement door. He said that I was being ridiculous and he was going to store stuff down there. I told him that I would not ever be getting anything from downstairs, but whatever made his heart happy. He then go mad at me and told me to spend the rest of the night in my room. I sat in my room for a long time, I had nothing to do since my furniture had not yet been redecorated. I just sat there in thought of this creepy old house, with the weird musty smell. But then I heard…show more content…
Then I heard something, but this time I knew it was not just my father making dinner. The suspicious noise sounded like it came from the basement. I had not yet been down to the basement, and I did not want to change that now. I knew what someone in a horror movie would do, call out to them and go search every corner of the basement. That normally doesn’t work to good for them so I decided that I would try a different approach. I ran to the closet and hid behind the boxes of cereal. I tried to think positive thoughts such as that it was just a branch hitting the window, but in the back of my mind I knew that it was not

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