Importance Of Teaching In Teaching Arabic

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I will be teaching Arabic. A great deal of learning any language is being exposed to the language in many ways. As a learner, I learnt English through listening to music and watching movies, news, and documentary and that was my start. That brings us to the idea of first language acquisition. I strongly believe that listening is a key method. As A teacher, the first thing that I make sure of is creating a stress free atmosphere for my students . In other words, learning a language should be fun and interesting . This could be done by following a mixture of communicative approaches where students are the center of attention. Establishing a learner centered lesson can be done through designing a clear and specific objectives and interactive approaches . One of the things that I intend to use in teaching Arabic is using a famous Arabic teaching show called " Almanahel" where this show uses various ways to teach the language varied from songs, stories, drills and other exciting approaches. This show combines many approaches that make the learning experience easy and fun. I really admire the communicative approach. One of the…show more content…
They then can begin to personalize it and use it in different contexts. They connect it mentally to prior experiences with images, sounds, and feelings. Finally, the Fluent use in which students have the chance to use the new language to communicate their ideas. Students work toward being able to spontaneously use the language in different

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