Spiritual Psychologist Characteristics

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A.These types explain who I am as a person very accurately. They represent that I'm a very artistic, social and enterprising while at the same time I can be an average conventional, investigative and realistic thinker, I enjoy the fact that I am a very artistic social and enterprising person. I am social, because I like working with others, helping them learn and grow. I am enterprising, because I like to start and carry out business projects. Finally, I am artistic because I like to be creative in my work and not be restricted by rules. I love the fact that I can be who I am and express myself in my writings, thoughts, works, and actions with myself, and others. I love being able to interact with others very well in a personal as well as business…show more content…
I know a Spiritual Psychologist gets more in depth with religion and spiritual counseling and advice. I know it requires extensive knowledge in theology as well as the amount of education of a regular psychologist. I would love to do this kind of work. I love God and the factI get to share my faith and wisdom with others and get paid for it is a dream come true for me.The skills of a spiritual Psychologist is to be able to encourage, guide, rebuke, challenge, and correct their patients like the bible calls them to. Most spiritual psychologists have a bachelor’s degree, but some hold higher levels of degrees under their belt. No I do not know anyone who does this kind of work, but I hope I can meet someone so I can learn what it takes to be successful in this field of work. No there is not a position in my mind better than this field. The median salary in this field is 44,000 dollars. I wanted to be an astronaut. However, since I got sick of looking up at the sky, or flying an airplane, I realize I prefer a nice cushy office desk more than…show more content…
I learned that since I am interested in helping people with their problems,listening, and learning about people, both as individuals and in groups, helping them grow and develop as better people. I will definitely succeed in these possible career choices.However that also depends if I work on weaknesses. It would not do me any good or my paitents if i become stagnant in my personal growth as well as my education. I can hurt more than help others if i am not able to effecitively diagnose them and come up with a plan to help them overcome their issues or find a solution to the conflict they are facing. I learned that both of these jobs require a high level of education and training. There are also a lot of tasks and responsibilities involved. It is very high risk, high reward, expectations and responsibilities. After researching these career choices, I am even more confident that I will choose one of these as my career, and excel in it. I look forward to one day having my masters degree in this field and making a difference in this

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