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ROLE OF YOUTH IN OZONE LAYER PROTECTION Ozone layer plays a vital role in protecting animals, human beings and plants from ultraviolet radiation. Ozone layer is destroyed by a group of manufactured or human made chemicals such as chlorine bromine. These chemicals are called "ozone-depleting substances". Ozone layer is destroyed by some natural’s ways and some humane made activities. A single molecule of chlorine can break apart thousands of molecules of ozone. Chlorofluorocarbons the most widely used in ozone-depleting substances, accounting for total stratospheric ozone destruction. Used as conditioners in buildings, coolants in freezers, refrigerators and air and cars manufactured. Chlorofluorocarbons are found in dry-cleaning agents, industrial…show more content…
As a youth we must implement some basic and minor ways to protect the ozone layer that are: Car emits the same amount of carbon dioxide of your body weight every 300 km you drive. Tune up your vehicle twice a year. Never leave your car running when you leave your vehicle. Your car emits more carbon dioxide when idling and waste gas needlessly. Vehicle air conditioning units should regularly be checked for leaks. The most energy efficient transportation known to man is the bicycle, besides his two left feet. Do some more exercise by walking or taking a bike because cars pollute the air and this is not a good thing because if you realize we are breathing all that air in. Energy matters begin in the home. Youth must encourage growth of plants that produce oxygen, discourage deforestation. Plant trees whenever and wherever you can. Never burn plants or leaves. Always compost them. Protect Wetlands. They absorb carbon out of the air, and filter chemicals out of the water. Youth should buy those things that are re-usable, use over and over again. Youth ensure that the existing restrictions on ozone-depleting substances are properly implemented or not. Also ensure that ozone-depleting substances are replaced with climate friendly alternatives or not. Youth should know how to recover the ozone-depleting substances from existing equipment and buildings. The major and main component of depletion of ozone layer is cigarettes. Youth should know how to overcome and less use of cigarettes. Youth protect the ozone layer by reducing, reusing and recycling the items. Youth will make/organize such projects or activities in which they suggest different schools or colleges or universities to increase awareness of the problem and to initiate local

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