Harrison Bergeron Short Story

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The two stories that I chose for this first assignment were Harrison Bergeron (pg.198-202) written by Kurt Vonnegut, Jr.and The Story of an Hour (pg.279-280) written by Kate Chopin. Both stories that I read had 2 very different time periods from each other. The Story of an Hour was set in 1894 and it was about a woman that has heart problems and had just received news that her husband was dead. She went up into her room and started crying and was called by Josephine, her husband’s friend, to come out or else she would get sick. Louise was crying out that she was free and was thinking about what her future would like now. When she came out she went down the stairs when the door opened and there stood her husband. She had died of heart disease…show more content…
When looking both the stories there were more similarities than differences. One of the differences was that there was total equality in everything that everyone does and in the other there isn’t. If everyone is equal I believe that there wouldn’t be people with heart diseases in the public and they would be taken away from there home and that would most likely be the case for Louise. A similarity that was in both was the death or disappearance of someone and the reactions after it happened. Harrison was taken from his home and Brently was presumed dead and when this happened the family acted the same. The Bergeron’s cried for their son but quickly forgot the reason and Louise cried but then thought about the freedom that she had now. The problem that occured in The Story of an Hour was set in 1984 but I believe that this could be a case in any time period. Sometimes when someone goes through tough or very joyous occasions and is weak hearted can experience a stroke. They feel overwhelmed with feelings and they can’t control it. The Harrison Bergeron story which is set in 2081 seems to be too far of a stretch. The story was written in 1961 and to them was it was probably a hope they had for the future since around this time many wars had stopped and some were only beginning. If I went back in time to when this was written I would have believed that this could happen. The world would gain peace but even if it did

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