Importance Of Soft Skills

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Need of Soft Skills in improving quality of life? Soft skills help us do our jobs. They allow us to effectively and efficiently use our technical skills and knowledge. They improve the way we interact with our bosses, co-workers and customers. They permit us to get our work done on time. They influence how we feel about our jobs and how others perceive us. Every single occupation we can think of demands that we have specific character traits, whether he/she is a doctor who needs to be an excellent communicator in order to convey information to his/her patients, a janitor who must have good interpersonal skills so that he can get along with his/her co-workers or an actor who must be persistent in spite of facing rejection over and over. An…show more content…
They make up who we are, generally encompassing our attitudes, habits and how we interact with other people. Soft skills help us do our jobs. They allow us to be effective and efficient in our jobs and use our technical skills and knowledge, and it gives an individual an extra edge over other people in his/her field. Every single occupation demands that one have specific character traits that make an individual more appropriate for the job than anyone else. This is needed in today’s world of competition. An important thing to note is that soft skills are transferable between occupations. These abilities are known as hard or technical skills and to learn them one usually enrolls in some sort of educational program where he or she receives classroom instruction and often practical training as well. Soft skills will enable students with a strong conceptual and practical framework to build, develop and manage teams. It will play an important role in the development of the students’ overall personality, thereby enhancing their career prospects. Training in soft skills provides strong practical orientation to the students and help them in building and improving their skills in communication, the effective use of English, business correspondence, presentations, team-building, leadership, time management, group discussions, interviews and interpersonal…show more content…
One part involves developing attitudes and attributes, and the other part involves fine-tuning communication skills to express attitudes, ideas and thoughts well. Crucial to successful work is the perfect integration of ideas and attitudes, with appropriate communication skills in oral, written and non-verbal areas. Attitudes and skills are integral to soft skills. Each one influences and complements the other. Today companies are looking for candidates who are smart and can present themselves well. Soft Skills training has become a must for the students who want to go for job or higher studies. Soft skill is not a visible skill like the domain subject content in a student but it helps in improving the personality of the person. It gives finishing touch to the personality. Literature suggests that hard skills contribute to only 15% of one’s skills success while remaining 85% is made by soft skills. Most employers these days want to hire, retain and promote persons who are dependable, resourceful, ethical, self-directed having effective communication, willing to work and learn and having positive attitude. With the onset of economic liberalization the Indian market is also becoming global, so the attributes of soft skills are to be imbibed by Indian youths to show their real potential at international levels. Soft skills include positive attitude, good interpersonal skills, effective listening, time management, communication skills, and self-confidence

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