Roll Of Thunder Hear My Cry Analysis

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In the story “Roll of Thunder Hear My Cry” the character Stacy has a lot to think about when it comes to having younger siblings to look after, being in a friendship with T.J, and the concept of having Jeremy around. The decisions are all up to Stacy, and the decisions he makes can change the whole chapter or better yet the story itself. For example, Stacy's friendship with T.J, would be strong in connection especially in Chapter 7, and sometimes T.J. even being a little controlling to wear Stacey believes T.J. and does the things he does on Chapter 7. For example, I think Stacey let’s T.J get away with so much because of their strong connection as friends, even when T.J takes advantage of him throughout the chapters 1-7. A reasoning is,It…show more content…
So after T.J fled down to the wallace store to get back at T.J but not to the point where they were not friends anymore.Those represent the reactions because Stacy shows to T.J that he should not have trusted T.J but went along with it because of their strong friendship. Also, it explains that when the Logans are walking to school and they hop up on the bank because of Stacy's knowledge of when the bus rolls around. But T.J explains his perspective that the bus is not coming the trust is shown they all jump from the back and keep walking but as soon as a couple minutes role bynd the bus roll around the corner and to everyone's surprise trusting Stacey would have been much better than trusting T.J. Stacey moves on because he knows that he should have trusted in himself and not have taken point in T.J. And lastly, when TJs mother finds out about T.J going to the wallaces store, but knowing T.J he was afraid of the punishment and blames it on Christopher John everyone but Christopher John and Stacey don't repel against T.J because of both of the…show more content…
I believe he asks kind to the Logans because he doesn't see how he is better than the Logans just because of the color of their skin. This is mostly shown throughout the book when, The summary is that, Jeremy tries to join the Logan family when walking to school with his siblings the Sims, even though the logan show some kind of confusion and dislike towards jeremy because he was white and normally blacks and whites did not hang out this was because of his risk taking of hanging out with blacks like the Logans. He is abused because of his siblings when he tries to walk with the Logans his siblings and sometimes his parents show anger and dislike to Jeremy because of his risk taking, and his effort to make friends to the Logans and families that were not white but black. That shows how strong his beliefs are towards all that has happened between both colors. Jeremy's beliefs are also shown when he visits the Logans to give gifts to the Logans parents, and Stacey. Again the reaction is in confusion of the risk taking and affection Jeremy shows to the family, especially Stacey. This shows how much Jeremys perspective on the law of Plessy vs Ferguson, and after the civil rights war and history of blacks and whites. . Jeremy's desire to be friends with the Logans in spite of the dangerous, he does it because of his beliefs against the

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