Importance Of In-Service Training

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In-service training is meant to improve the knowledge, skill and ability of teachers. It is meant to make the teacher more committed and effective. The term “Staff Development” and “in-service training “ are sometimes used for short-term workshops or short courses that offer teachers information or ideas, often abstract and unrelated to teachers’ work (Cochran- Smith & Lytle, 2001). In-service teacher training enhances the performance of a teacher. A teacher feels enriched with additions of ideas, concepts and activities. In-service training improves the overall personality of a teacher. In-service education and training (INSET) improves various aspects of overall performance of a teacher. It is necessary for a teacher to update his professional…show more content…
The ‘optimal mix of professional development processes may then be consistent with Roberts’(1998) view in that the professional development programmes should allow for teachers’ individual differences and their sense of own learning needs. 2.5 TEACHER EDUCATION vis - a- vis TEACHER TRAINING A distinction can be made in training and education on the basis of the following two criteria: 1. The degree of specificity of objectives, and (b) minimizing vs. maximizing individual differences. A training activity has more specific objectives and attempts to minimize individual differences while educational objectives are more general and they maximize the individual differences. It means that when people are educated the differences among them are increased and when they are trained, differences are minimized (Rao and Rao,

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