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Red Wire Corp (RWC) is a producing wire rope company for forty years; they have reputations as a reliable, durable and safe wire for construction cranes, conveyors, elevators and other uses. But it seems that, the reputations they hold is not visible now when the Green Rope Inc. merge to the RWC because they have to undercut the Red Wire Brand in terms of prices. As you can see when we cut away for a lower material are sacrificing the quality of the product or the wire rope which will result to a failure of the product like distortion of the wire rope structure such as kinking, crashing or signs of failure. 2. Basic Issue(s) or Associated Issue • How to develop or improve a wire rope. • How to prevent failures while we undercut in terms of prices by not sacrificing the quality and effectiveness of the product. • Make some solutions to prevent some casualties in various constructions. 3. Issue(s) Analysis or Information Summary…show more content…
(RWC) is one of the producers of wire rope for forty years and has more than 60% shares of the wire rope market in the Philippines. They produce wire rope under red wire brand and it has the reputation as a reliable, durable and safe to use for constructions and other uses. By the merge of a new entrant which is Green Rope Inc. (GRI) in the market, the new management or teams is producing wire rope has a low quality of the finished products in spite of the fact that they have been using same materials. As a financial analyst of RWC by taking an opportunity in joining stock-taking teams and have shown the process and the companies internally developed their own designed machine must be inspect not only the process but also for the employees to have and to work a safe wire rope for the producing of a good quality and better price of the wire

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