Diversity In Law Enforcement

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Introduction: America since the dawn of time were immigrants. American natives were formally welcoming than British aliens. Communities have become cultural diverse. However, we have exception society. Our community, Law enforcement and future endears depends on diversity awareness. Topic I – Community A. Immigrant population B. Juveniles C. Diverse cities Topic II – Law enforcement officer’s diversity A. Cultural recruitment B. Microasm Law Enforcement C. Racial Profiling prevention Topic III- Future of Multiculturalism as whole. A. Globalization B. Human Rights C. Better community policing Topic I- Community A. Immigrants population At consistent changing background has created a population increase. In the United States alone…show more content…
Juveniles Youth gangs are a raised issue for law enforcement. Young adults and juveniles are compromised in this category. Juveniles from various ethnic backgrounds contribute to gang violence. Juveniles believe it is their sense of belonging. Hispanic and African American gangs typically have the most issue that contribute to the most violent crimes. In addition, this youth gang violence have contributed to the hate crimes. Eventually, the increase of murders have also increased of law enforcement officers. C. Diverse Cities The majority to minority shifts are evenly dispersed tremendously we can see specific criminal activity and change in law enforcement. Consequently, we see that at least fifty percent of people house majority minority residence. Therefore, at least one tenth of counties in the United States are majorly minorities. Cities for example like Bronx, Houston, and San Jose fall into this category. The diversity of this institution has created majorly for these cities. Topic –Law enforcement officers A. Cultural…show more content…
Racial Profiling prevention During an observation the officer may come up with in multicultural community. All of these accusations create more problems than resolutions. A more prevalent case in questionable if racial profiling was used in the Ferguson case or a self-defense case. Topic III – Future of multiculturalism as a whole. A. Globalization Our economic system in America has resulted us of globization. Not just our foreign relations. Globalization has contributed to better environment. By using a better globization has increased more solutions . As far as much relations and communication amoung other countries. Here in law enforcement can better under the goal of globalization has benefited in the cultural aspect. Law enforcement that are bilingual contribute to diversity. In the near future we can only hope this increases. B. Human Rights Human rights for individuals is a concern for law enforcement. Justice can only be served when the rights are followed and addressed. The Bill of rights grant equal rights for American citizens. The government cannot interfere without under to certain procedures. Human rights considerations show empathy and respect for human nature. C. Better Community

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