Importance Of Occupational Therapy

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Ever wonder what psychology has to do with the major of occupational therapy? I know I have. Psychology is the study of minds, behavior etc. You may not know that most of occupational therapist also have a degree in psychology. Psychology plays a big role when it comes to the major occupational therapy. Firstly, Occupational therapist usually works in a health care environment where they are required to observe the client’s behavior. Also, in the major of occupational therapy it is important to have a little background of psychology because clients may need help in that area. Last but not least, patients that goes through traumas need to be closely observed in the way they think and/or behave. Occupational therapy in health care facilities…show more content…
Every career that requires someone to work in a hospital or clinic are required to observe their patients. Psychology is the study of the mind and the behavior of an individual. While in a hospital a patient is observed in order for the worker to identify what the problem with the patient really is. It may take days for an occupational therapist to gather all the right information that would help them determine the right therapy the individual needs. They first start off by asking their patient to tell them what their experiences are and why it brings them to their facility. Some patient may not be able to explain themselves the way they really want to due to the horrifying story behind their injuries. In that case a psychologist comes well in handy. They have the ability to make the patient feel conferrable and safe in their facility so that the patient can tell their story in
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