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4-Mat Review McMinn Summary This format review will review Mark McMinn, Psychology, Theology and Spirituality in Christian Counseling (2011). The book provides a needed guide for Christian counselors to use. The purpose of this book is to direct individuals in the correct direction spiritually, physically, and mentally. McMinn, states that “this is a book for those wanting to investigate the frontier of intra-disciplinary integration (McMinn, 2011, pg. 9).” He goes on to center the ideas in the book on two aspects in the Christian counseling field. The two aspects are counseling sessions and actual life outside a counseling environment. McMinn uses real life experiences to connect all his explanations. This allowed him to take us on a journey…show more content…
Sin is everywhere and it seems to cause a poignant unevenness. Confession is used to help individuals deal with sin and helping individuals to deal with any guilt or shame that may be present. Confession is consider the path that allows individuals to reach a since of meekness and empathy. McMinn and Katheryn Meek address forgiveness as anindividual’s ability to regain a positive spiritual walk with God, others, and self. Forgiving is not to be confused with excusing, denial, and self-blame. Individuals must understand that forgiveness is a great step to the process of physically, emotionally, and spiritually seeking relief in a person’s life. Finally McMinn speaks on redemption. Redemption in cognitive therapy brings to the table an importance of therapeutic relationship (pg. 295). In order for an individual to understand redemption they must fully understand all the other topics. McMinn states that “redemption is closely related to confession and forgiveness (pg.301).” In the counseling process it is understood that individuals must go through things throughout life on their pathway to…show more content…
I think I could use the information provided in this book to help adolescents when I open the group home. I will continue to obtain more information pertaining to psychology, theology, and spirituality. I am a true believer that knowledge is very important and every book as well as further research will continue to feed my knowledge. In my book knowledge is power. This information that I obtain will help me effectively deal with the adolescents that will be in the group home. The book gives me a starting point for teenage

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