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Imagine a day in a boat fishing or even kayaking on one of the Great Lakes of Michigan and out of no where a fish comes flying out of the water hitting you in the face. The Asian carp are known for jumping out of the water and have injured several people doing so. Some example of such would be of people in fishing or kayaking. One example of Asian carp would include a news article on a young man on a boat with his family. Jorden Fiedler was 19 at the time of this incident. While inner tubing down the Mississippi River in inner tubes Asian Carp started to fly out of the water. He said, “I put my head down and the one time I lifted my head up and came and hit me straight in the face.” His father was a boat by him during the ravishing attack of the Asian Carp. His mother Robin Fiedler said, “When I got in the boat it was panic because I didn’t understand what was going on and then for the amount of blood lost it was quite scary.” His nose was fractured, head dented in, and bones shattered above his brow and in both eye sockets just from one Asian carp hitting him. Asian Carp jump out of the water…show more content…
One of the best options that have been thought of was to place dams in the Chicago waterway system to seal of Lake Michigan from the Caro infestation of the Mississippi watershed. The only problem is that Chicago uses this watershed to transport goods and services in and out of Chicago. This plan could be helpful to us but do to Chicago’s resources needed they wouldn’t approve it. Water crafts need to be searched as well for any fish swimming under them to get into the great lakes or even ships that are purposely transporting the Asian Carp into the Great Lakes. Another way would be through the electric fence barrier that has advanced within 55 miles of Lake Michigan Illinois believes their keeping the Asian Carp out. Unfortunately, Scientist have found DNA in dozens of water samples past the

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