The Importance Of Prayer In Speech

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Graduation, its what every student looks forward too, so it should be perfect…right? So what kind of a speech would be best for the entire class as a whole? To find the answer to this question one will have to look past their own opinions, and into what would be best for the entire class, and their family members. But what if someone suggested adding in a prayer to the speech, would that be fair to the entire class? To begin, let me state that this is based off of my own opinions, so many may not agree with it. Furthermore, I am agnostic, which means I am someone who does not believe in God, but I also do not deny the possible existence of one. However, I have come from an extremely Christian family, so I do know a lot about the religion,…show more content…
However, Mr. Wiseman case was ignored by all court appeals; the prayers were recited in her middle school graduation, so it could also happen at her high school graduation. Later on, the case was marked as an unfair trial, but at the time the state had a different tolerance of religion taking place in schools and did not consider the case since it was in their freedom of religion to have a rabbi give a prayer that was to be nonsectarian. This was known as the Lee v. Wiseman case, and today we know that it is indirectly peer pressuring a young person into thinking a certain way. The Wisemans were the minority in this case, and the majority took over to have the prayer because it did not interfere with their religion, which is completely disregarding another person religion in the

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