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challenge Strengths: • Long extension of the banking services in many nations in the Middle East and MENA region. • The major shareholders of the Arabian world have supported its business and operations. • The bank is the universal banking organization. • The reach of the organization covers huge geographical area and the financial position of the banking organization is strong. Weaknesses: • The UN has ceased the assets of Libya and that has impacted the Banking organization and it has to acquire special permission for its operations. This type of issue could affect the organization’s business. • The dependency on the oil has made the export of oil to huge extent. Any changes in the market for commodities could affect the banking sector’s…show more content…
The control system and practices of the banks in improving the services of the banks from the perspective of the employees is also significant. The main issue that the banking sector faces is related to the quality of the services. The standards of the quality have to be complied by the sector. The practices of the human resource management are also responsible for the enhancement of the quality of the services through the commitment of the employees. This commitment comes from the motivation of the employees that is being taken care of by the HRM of the organization. The quality management is a crucial function of the organization in the banking sector and it is highly related to the strategic management of the organization. The main lookout of the intended study is to find out the relationship and to focus on the issues that could be encountered by the organization if the quality norms and management principles are not met by the said organization (Lakhal,…show more content…
• Evaluation of the quality management system of the organization. • Comparison of the human resource practices in the region and the implications of the same on the motivation of the employees and their behavior and attitudes. References: adcb. (2017). About ADCB. Retrieved from adcb: http://www.adcb.com/about/index.aspx bank-abc. (2017). Welcome to Bank ABC's home page. Retrieved from bank-abc: https://www.bank-abc.com/En/Pages/default.aspx Lakhal, L. (2014). Relationship between ISO 9000 Certification, TQM Practices, and Organizational Performance. Retrieved from secure.asq: https://secure.asq.org/perl/msg.pl?prvurl=http://asq.org/quality-management/2014/07/iso-9000/the-relationship-between-iso-9000-certification-tqm-practices-and-organizational-performance.pdf Lakhe, R., & Mohanty, R. (2016). Total Quality Management Concepts, Evolution and Acceptability in Developing Economies. Retrieved from semanticscholar: https://pdfs.semanticscholar.org/5319/df934a0251cbc1b6ffcead7f2788402052bf.pdf whatishumanresource. (2016). Human Resource Management. Retrieved from whatishumanresource:

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