Borrowed Words In The English Language

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Serjeantson (1962) writes in her books that England has always welcomed the alien and hundreds of words of non-English origin are part of English vocabulary indistinguishable from the native ones. More than sixty percent of English words have Latin origin while it is the case in more than ninety percent of the words with respect to technology and science domain (Green, 1990). While containing 178 Anglo-Saxon roots, the English language consists of 280 more roots out which almost all are Greek and Latin (Skeat, 1917). Henry (1993) claims provided that 2 Greek roots and 12 Latin ones along with 20 of the most common prefixes are used, one might be able to create approximately 100,000 words in English. Shipley (2001) claims that the most significant factor regarding borrowed words is the automatic move of these words over the contact span with other languages. It could be considered a natural phenomenon that those who use the English language get and adapt the words from other languages in an unconscious way when they are in contact with other people.…show more content…
By combining of the meaning of those morphemes they can provide cues to the meaning of previously unknown words. And in line with Anglin (1993), Nippold (2007) and White et al. (1989) described morphological analysis as the process by which a word components —the base (root) and any inflectional or derivational affixes—are analyzed to hypothesize the word meaning as a

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