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There are two different conceptions of what is social structure. First, it is a social relations' system among varying parts of the entity. In this sense social structure indicates to differentiated, complementary parts of the society, which is might be characterized as a set of continual, and patterned relationships among association of people in different social positions. Second, the social structure is a system of logical relationships controlled or in connection with rules or principles which offer a theoretical explanation of social life (Morgan, 1984). In other words, a social structure of a city is a diversified pattern of social groups that is characterized by mutual merits such as age, lifestyle, and socioeconomic status (Coiacetto, 2005). Amman as the biggest population growth center in Jordan is depicting the idea of the "city state". All the surroundings…show more content…
Amman and its Urban Reality and Identity Place identity helps at understanding the nature of place and it's relationships that clarify place experience and the richness and complexity of place (Seamon, 2012). Place identity is a concept about people’s bonds with places. The word ‘‘identity’’ refers to two things: sameness (continuity) and distinctiveness (uniqueness), and hence the word ‘‘place identity’’ should incorporate both aspects. Though the concept of ‘‘identity’’, may carry two different meanings, when applied to a place. First it refers to the term ‘‘place’’, it means features of place that guarantee distinctiveness and continuity of the place. ‘‘Genius Loci’’ is a concept that describes the intangible and agreed upon unique character of a place (Lewicka, 2008). Place identity can inform environmental design and planning decision ultimately, when it's better understood because it becomes more tangible (IV, Lamb, & Vigob, 1994). Correspondingly, Amman's historic core and cultural significance should be understood clearly in the purpose of preserving its identity and its sense of

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