The Importance Of Competition In My Life

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When one grows up, he or she has many different life experiences, each leaving a memory or lesson to grasp. These experiences also impact their personality, since everyone is generally shaped by their surroundings. For instance, one that grows up in a wealthy neighborhood is likely to socialize with people of the same social class. The same is true for one that grows up in a middle or working class neighborhood. As a result, people within a certain sector of society have two choices when they approach adulthood. They can either follow the majority of the people within their social circle and continue to hold a similar lifestyle, or they can branch out and separate themselves from their peers. In terms of carrying “things”, as referenced throughout…show more content…
I have always associated capitalism, The American Dream, and competition with my life, whether it had a monetary or sentimental value. I truly believe that competition equates to a better lifestyle, whether it's the free market, education, or a friendly game of football with friends. My competitive values have shaped who I am today. My value of competitiveness has applied to school, running my business on Amazon, and one of the more recent interests that I have adopted, DECA. However, there are certain fields of competition that I have disregarded over the years. One example is athletics. When I played football freshman and sophomore year, I was introduced to the concept of competition within the athletic field. While playing for two years was a great experience, I didn’t see much value in the potential of football. While there are several gifted athletes at Nashoba who will likely save tens of thousands of dollars in college, I didn’t see myself playing after high school. In fact, I decided to quit after sophomore year. For an individual looking to attain a bright future in athletics, spending thousands of hours practicing, watching game films, and exercising is an effective use of their time. On the other hand, I invested several hundred hours into football as a means of enjoying the sport. This leisure mentality truly exposed me to the whole culture shift of

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