The Importance Of Memories In My Life

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A lot of memories in my past were mostly good but then again I will never forget this tragic time in my life I was around the age of 11 or 12 and I loved film making. I would watch videos all day from blockbuster movies to short films, but one day I decided to make something I saw on the internet….Vinegar and baking soda bomb I saw the video where two boys grabbed vinegar and baking soda put it in a water bottle shook it up and chucked in the as the pressure built up from the vinegar and baking soda it shoots the bottle cap and the bottle explodes now at this point in time I told snuck in and grabbed the baking soda and vinegar and i started to place it in the water bottle. as this is happening I get more nervous I think. “what if this doesn't work”. So I put it away for now and go back to bed to check some precautions in the morning. I went and looked up more videos online and seeing that a lot of these kids were in neighborhoods so they had sidewalk that they could throw in onto in on to. The problem with my house structure is we don't have tar to throw it on to. So being my curious self I decided to look outside the box. What could I do to make this work.…show more content…
So I continued to start working on it and the project was done. The one thing that I would say to my past self is “Why are you doing this” because this took up almost a day and a half. Next I went to my kitchen grabbed the baking soda and vinegar and walked outside and I started to notice something the bottle started to become hardened, exactly like a nalgene water bottle. I aimed up to throw it and….it didn't explode, pretty anticlimactic if you ask me. So I wind up again putting full force into my throw and it
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