The Importance Of Music In My Life

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Life was less than desirable. My parents had just gotten divorced, and I was starting the sixth grade. With middle school comes maturation. With maturation comes emotion and hormones. I was a mess of both. I found myself walking around the halls with no happiness whatsoever. I sought refuge in my music, for the lyrics and poetry spoke to me on a level that no one else understood. One day, I was walking in the hallway during transition, when I noticed a kid my age wearing a shirt of a band that I really like. That band was Lamb of God, and the kid wearing the shirt was Michael. I walked up to him and told him I thought his shirt was super cool. He was almost shocked at the fact that someone had noticed his shirt. He and I quickly delved into discussions about music, lyrics, and so much more. His favorite band was Dream Theater. As composers of both music and lyrics, Dream Theater was very influential to writers in the music world.There are many forms of literacy, such as textual, historical, evidence-based, and cultural. One overlooked form of writing is musical writing. This includes song lyrics and poetry. Song lyrics and meeting Michael were essentially the catalysts for my evolution in writing. Moreover, one of my strongest…show more content…
Almost every day we would analyze song lyrics from different artists. One artist that had a substantial influence was the polish band Behemoth. When Behemoth released their newest album, I instantly began to read its lyrical content. As a result, I absorbed a countless amount of knowledge about society and the real world. Listening to Behemoth had also led me to read their vocalists' autobiography, which was a major inspiration to my writing abilities. What really made me acknowledge lyrics in music was the way they all conveyed strong emotion. The studying of lyrics would eventually become a major interest during my high school

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