The Importance Of Friendship In My Life

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I woke up got myself ready and went down stairs to eat breackfeast. Me and my brothers waited in the kitchen for my dad to take us to school. I was worried to go especially a lot of kids hated my because I was annoying or in other words I wouldn't support there ideals. But there was one paticullary person in mind that was friends with me, her name is Daisy. I known Daisy since I was in First grade, and been friends every since. One of the reasons why I became friends with her was because kids would make fun of her because she was crooss eyed. We would play, together, talk to each other, just a thing every friend would have. But, all that changed when one day she started hanging out with a group of kids that never liked me. Day after day I would try to talk to her but she would leave me. And from that moment on I realized she was a follower, a person who followes others even though they know what there doing is wrong.…show more content…
I got out of the car and headed towards the play ground were some of my other friends were. I was talking to them for a few minutes, and when I turned around I saw Daisy walking by. I shook my head and thats she came up to me with her other friends and said, " Why are you shaking your head," is there a problem. I stayed quit even though I wanted to say so rude that she would cry but I
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