Importance Of Music For Studying

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Music for Studying To begin with, When studying specific subjects it affect different sides of your brain for example when you’re doing English homework and you’re listening to a song from Taylor Swift it would most likely distract you not just because you’re jamming out but because they are both focused on the same side of your brain. If you wanted to listen to a song with lyrics and had math homework it would not affect you as much. Music will affect us in many ways doing homework or not, it changes our mood, heart rate and energize our state of mind. It is sort of an awesome invention if you might put it. Music can be an effective tool for studying depending on genre and lyrics to the song. My three reasons are you should not listen to it if you are not interested, don’t listen if it's a must need subject to study, and if you are having trouble in that class don’t listen to music.…show more content…
It would slow me down because when I am doing homework I need a quiet environment, rather than loud music in my ears.Homework is a hard thing in general it takes long to do and once you finish there is the next class and then after all that you have to either eat or go to sleep to wake up in the morning which is awful so listening to music should not be done. In conclusion of my opinion music does not matter I don't think it should be listened or it can be distracting depending on genre. Something you should do if you don’t like a class is to atleast get it done so that you don’t have to take it again over the
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