Beat-Up ! Bay ! Beat ! Drums ! By Walt Whitman

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“BOOOOOM! BOOOOM! BOOOOOM!” As gunshots were fired, you could hear the wrath of the Civil War. In the poem "Beat! Beat! Drums!" by Walt Whitman, he uses imagery, and rhyme in the poem to reveal the importance of the instruments in the Civil War and how much people were impacted. So, he wants everyone to hear the important voice of someone who doesn't have a right to anything… In this case, the speaker is talking to the drums and bugles.. Freedom was an important thing in the Civil War. The speaker has to be a slave that is free but doesn't truly feel free unless speaking with music. “Beat! beat! drums! -- Blow! bugles! blow!” Right off the bat I could tell that our speaker desires some drums and bugles to play their music. Drums, and especially bugles, have strong connotations as military instruments. So, I have to take into consideration that our speaker might be addressing a military band. With that being said our speaker is talking to the drums and bugles, not the people playing them. The speaker seems to be getting pretty worked up as if it is exciting speaking to the instruments. “Through the windows—through doors—burst like a force of armed men,” The…show more content…
That word "peace" seems pretty significant. First of all, with the drums and bugles and the phrase "force of armed men," Whitman already emphasized the meaning on high war alert. So there's a lot of war, and that means there can't be "any peace" – not even for a farmer. So far, it seems to be the instruments' job to keep that peace away. More and more, we're starting to think that this music represents the war as a whole. Wars have a way of disrupting daily activities, even really important ones like growing food. After all, in war, farmers get enlisted and/or crops get stolen and fields are burned. Even peaceful people are not left in

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