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It can lead to better representation. Each region is properly represented with designation of distinct regional opinions within federal decision making institutions. This is usually guaranteed by the specific structure of the Senate known as the Federal Second Chamber in a federal system of government. The welfare, interests and rights of the constituents in each region is properly represented. There is no doubt that every member or resident of a place will be well taken care of through proper representation. This is unlike the Presidential form of government wherein it is difficult to determine the proper person to represent each region. Although a Congressman and a Governor is present in each area, they have certain…show more content…
As can be observed, all bigger establishments and companies are located in certain urban centers like Cebu and Manila. This means that those far from urban centers have lesser privileges and remain poor because of lack of industries, companies, factories and business establishments that provide for employment and business opportunities for the local masses. Reliance on employment within the highly urbanized areas within the Philippines will push those in the barrios to move out and stay in those areas. This will add to the non-development of the rural areas and the small cities. With the Federal system, the proper distribution of power and resources in each region will enhance a widespread development in each…show more content…
Since federalism allowed a shared power between national and provincial governments, allowing provincial leaders will let them focus on developing their own territories. They will have the opportunity to decide and be given the budget to improve their local community. The rights of the States or Provinces are expressed and thus, have more local autonomy to develop. Other than this, the income of a province can be used in its own alone without passing through the national level wherein it may be restricted for some purposes. It facilitates fast government services. This is because there are two orders of government, Federal and regional, each in direct contact with its citizens. It is not necessary anymore to travel in distance just to avail of government services. With the federal system, government services is not contained in national office alone but spread by

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