Gender Stereotypes In Sports

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Gender Typing Within Sports Running head: GENDER TYPING WITHIN SPORT 2 The main goal of the study was to investigate the awareness of gender stereotype in sports. Psychologists tested the effect of ingroup favoritism bias in mixed-gender teams playing basketball. To test this they did motor skill drills including dribbling. They conducted research prior to the study that showed that boys participate in sport related activities more so than girls. The study proved that men tend to be more athletic as well as have better motor skills. They tested different theories to see if they would make a difference in how the different genders reacted. One theory that was used was the social identity theory. This theory had to do with the pride and self…show more content…
It was assumed that they would pass to members of their group rather than members of the other group. However, both the Men and Women participants of the mixed-gender basketball team passed it more to the Men on the team. I have been in gym classes before where these statistics were actually proven. The girls caught the ball, and for the most part, passed it almost immediately to one of the guys. I assume it is because the girl feels dominated by the guys over athletic presence. These stereotypes remain prevalent because men are usually taller than females as well as stronger. When you are playing in a basketball game, the players want to win and to do so they usually favor the male presence to bring them to that victory. Referees are also harder on males then they are on females. When a referee is watching a Running head: GENDER TYPING WITHIN SPORT 3 male game, they tend to be more aggressive and harder on the fouls they call. Females are usually less aggressive and the game tends to not be as fast. Males tend to think they are better than females because of the build and mentality they have. This is because of testosterone, males end to have more than females and when there is too much in the room rough play can tend…show more content…
Some women believe they could compete in a boys league or play on a boys team. Men are more rough than them and play more physical and they girls tend to not be able to match the toughness the men bring. People that like to watch basketball tend to are more likely to watch boys basketball. Boys basketball is more fast pace and a lot more action with in the game. Also another reason boys basketball is more watched is because more people dunk and dunking is always fun to watch. Men jump higher than women so high flying games sell more tickets to games for people to watch. Women's basketball is more slow and the majority of the points are off jumpshots. Women often foul more than guys which slows the game down and makes it boring to watch. The skill from men and women are just different and they have different kinds of moves. Women's basketball usually consists of more drawn up plays and half court sets. Girls walk the ball up the court more often and the defenses don’t really press as much to make it a full court game, just a half court game. When teams are mixed with girls and boys, the males seem to take over the game and lead the team in points. Females usually depend on the guys to carry the weight of the

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