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9 Tips To Follow if You Want To Raise a Genius No one is born a genius. We all have the same set of skill being infants and develop them through our childhood and sometimes even through all our life. Thus, everyone can become a genius with a proper approach to upbringing. Of course, the responsibility for bringing up a genius totally lies on the parents. Grown-ups can decide for themselves what they should do, what they should read, and what classes to attend. Small kids have no possibility to make such decisions. They follow the desires of their parents. If the parents are not interested in a development of their kids, they can hardly become geniuses. But changing the approach to raising a child, parents can change kids’ set of mind and make them more intelligent and open to the world. Here are 9 the most effective tips that will help you to raise a smart kid who will…show more content…
Get rid of TV set in a nursery Why do we watch TV? Some of us watch the news, others wait for the favorite TV series, someone is killing time by switching channels. Why do infants watch TV? They do that only because their parents turn on TV in the nursery. Some parents tell that their kids start to cry if they do not watch cartoons as they have got used to them. This is a crucial mistake: first parents start to show cartoons to their kids, and later they do not know how to wean them to watch TV. Perhaps, you are wondering why TV is so dangerous to kids. According to the latest studies, which support the ideas that have been discussed for a few years, watching TV impairs cognitive functions and interferes brain development. So if you want to raise a genius, get rid of the TV in the nursery. 2. Breastfeed Everyone knows the benefits of breastfeeding: the immune system gets stronger, a kid receives natural microelements, and physical connection with mom promotes a better development of a nervous system. Besides, breastfeeding has a strong impact on the development of cognitive

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