Personal Statement Essay: Why I Want To Study Medicine

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I could say witnessing a mountain rescue as a child made me realize I want to study medicine, but watching my friend suffer from EGID made me aware it is not that easy. I am aware medicine can be a difficult and strenuous profession, but In school science awoke my interest in Medicine. I enjoyed the neurosciences and genetics modules as a combination of the different sciences. Knowing more about the functioning of the body on a molecular basis would enable me to understand the occurrence of certain illnesses, as small changes can have a massive impact, such as the onset of progeria. Through studying chemistry I came to understand aspects of other sciences or even everyday life. The basics of biomolecules, for example, helped me appreciate the knowledge gained in Biology better and led me to reading an introductory book about biochemistry. I also gained new perspectives on a research project I did for Forensics. There I planned and conducted a series of experiments to work on a problem independently, which gave me an insight into lab work and made me interested in medical research. On top of the practical experience I developed a strong theoretical approach through studying Maths, which culminated in taking part in the Mathematical Olympiad for several years.…show more content…
Despite the author’s sceptical view on medicine, which I belief to be too generalizing, reading this book furthered my motivation to study medicine to be able to understand the illnesses and check-ups presented. Discussing the NS-program of euthanasia as a stark example of immoral practising of medicine in History reinforced my belief in the importance of integrity in science and

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