Analysis Of Maria Lugones's 'Playfulness World'

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Maria Lugones in her article "Playfulness, “World”-Traveling, & Loving Perception" argues, it is until one designates the time to learn more information about others, they will not have a true understanding of that individual. She argues this by saying, it is a frequent practice of categorizing individuals with similar characteristics (i.e. race) in the same “world”. I will begin this precis by discussing Lugones’ idea of arrogant perception, and how she believes women are taught this practice at an early age. Lugones make the argument, we are all affected by arrogant perception. She defines arrogant perception as being, “systematically organized to break the spirit of all women and of most men.”. Lugones then critiques a passage from Marilyn Frye's article, “In and Out of Harm’s Way: Arrogance and Love”. Fyre believed, women could not be arrogant previevers, but are subjected to it. Lugones’ argues this by discussing her belief that women are taught…show more content…
According to Lugones, there are 4 indicators that an individual is at ease when interacting with others in a different world. The 4 indicators include: Being fluent in the world’s language. Having a sense of happiness. Having a bond with others. And sharing common knowledge with others. Lugones discussed the concept of individuals having a “double image”. This refers to individuals acting differently according to the world they are in. The individual is more than likely to be more social in worlds they are comfortable in, with people the identify with, versus worlds with people do not know. She supports this by giving the example of being playful while world traveling. Since Lugones is Latin-American, she tends to be more ‘playful’ when interacting with others from the same background. When interacting with individuals from different backgrounds, Lugones refrains from being too

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