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Product Nowadays, skin care has become a viral issue in many countries, as it does not only apply to women in their early age, but also in their age of 30s to 40s. Credits to new knowledge that was found by the Human Genome Project and their new technologies, especially in molecular biology, the problem of skin ageing has been partly solved, and also being understood in a whole new level. L’Oréal, a company which is popular in many aspects such as hair shampoo and cosmetics item, is also have a high market value in terms of skin care products which are being developed over and over to reach the highest value in consumer’s heart. The continuous development of their skin care product has increased the popularity among baby boomers and…show more content…
Seven lines of business, which are purchasing, packaging, production, quality, logistics, environment, hygiene and also safety, have contributes a certain effort in the whole production chain from purchasing of raw materials to product delivery. By focusing on risk reducing and tool optimization in industry, L’Oréal has guaranteed for their product’s quality and traceability in order to give their consumers and distribution market the best experience in managing products, which are all controlled by a single unit --- Operation Division. With the starting of Operating Division in Malaysia, distribution chains such as pharmacies, supermarkets, hypermarkets and independent stores are being operated by L’Oréal, as intensive distribution is being used by the company to bring convenience to customers in or out of city center. While L’Oréal strives to be more responsive and adapting to local market, five major geographical zones are spread out by the industrial tool. This closeness ensures consumers to access to products at the best possible and nearest place, as the proximity can reduce the distance between consumers and factories. L’Oréal’s operating division has succeeded in the industrial market as in the selection of suppliers, where long-term partnerships and joint ventures have been created for further…show more content…
One of the promotions that are going viral online is MYCyber sales, which is one of the advertising event that enable customers to buy L’Oréal’s products and not spending big on it. Other than promotions in online shopping, the promotion of L’Oréal’s product can also be distributed through health and beauty retailers’ chain in high profile advertising campaign while featuring local and international

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