Importance Of Marketing In Business

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We all know that behind the every success of business is because of marketing. Business depend on successful marketing because this teach us that it is the process of planning is the process of planning & executing ,caption, production ,pricing ,promotion & distribution of goods, services & ideas in order to satisfy consumer needs and wants as well as to achieve organization goals. And without this, our business may not offer the best product or services, and even if we offer the best product or services in the industry if we don’t know how to handle customer this would be nothing. And without the knowledge of marketing many companies may have to close because marketing is the important concept in business. For me, to ensure the success of…show more content…
This give them to estimate the markets over all size, growth and profitability, An example of this is company must know techniques for measuring the market potential and forecasting future demands, • Marketing Strategies, after you learn your target market and positioning, you must learn your marketing strategies. They define marketing strategy as a process or model that allow the company or organization to focus in their limited resources on best opportunities to increase sales and to achieve a sustainable competitive advantage, for me, many products need a marketing strategy because to build a strongest sustainable competitive advantage, you must have strategy that every company cannot easily copy. The role of Macroenvironment in formulating the marketing strategies is very important. We all know that some product that company produce is they get it through the resources of our environment. They define macroenvironment as all the external factors which are uncontrollable and influence the business strategies and decision making. There are 6 macroenvironment factors that affects marketing…show more content…
Without customer, our business will be nothing. Customer value it is satisfying the customer about their feelings after purchasing a goods and services that relative to what she must give up to only receive the product. Customer Satisfaction, it is the customer’s feelings it may a pleasure or a disappointment. Sometimes it may result that the customer comparing a products perceived performance to expectation, the expectation of buyers may form from their buying past experience, friend, colleagues, and from the marketers promise. The last one is loyalty, it is an attitude of a customer that they re-buy and re-patronize a preferred product or services. For me, as a marketer I need to take care of this customer because I will also get a word of mouth free promotion from my loyal customer and if I didn’t take care of them it will lead them to switch

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