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President Thomas S. Monson once said, “ You are never too young to learn, you are never too old to change”. Learning takes place at all stages of life; it is a continuous process that individuals have to go through regardless of age. Kolb’s learning theory serves us as a guide that enables one to understand how learning takes place. It is a very useful tool, where it not only assists me in the academic area; it also helps in developing my interpersonal skills. The learning theory contains four stages. Firstly, the significant experience that I went through. For being unable to sustain a friendship and the inability to trust people, which led to my introvert personality. Secondly, reflection suggests the understanding of the reasons behind…show more content…
Why could I never sustain a long-term friendship with anyone? Why people just come and goes out of my life so quickly? I started to develop this problem in my primary school times. During my primary school, I made many friends, giving in my trust and share my secrets with them. At the point of time, I believe all friends are worth trusting. I had a best Jiaen, where our characteristics are so similar thus we became the best friend. I told her many things from the small gossips to my personal stories. There was an incident where I share my story about the divorce of my parents with her; I felt she is someone who I can talk to when I am in need. However, sadly to find out that my secret is no longer a secret. My trust towards her was misused and publicly disseminates it to everyone. Many of my friends laughed at me as an unwanted child. Such criticism causes me to feel inferiority and hurt. This resulted in me to develop mistrust towards everyone around me. Difficulties were faced in placing trust towards people I meet in life, I become defensive in the way I present myself. Illusions were formed, thinking that everyone is going to hurt me. Even though I still do feel the need of make friends and tries to trust them. However, they always end up drifting away from me. It leads to the beginning of my introvert personality and…show more content…
I realized that the feeling of insecure is the inevitable hand that builds up my defense. Hold high tendency of the judgment of towards others, becoming straightforward in the expression of words. Words expressed without the thought of how other would have felt and only tries to protect one. That had offended many as a result, drifting away from me. A typical egocentrism in my personality classify problems does not lie with me. But those people whom walkouts of my life. People tend to drift away from my life and similarly I escape from when the fear arises in me. Is not that I did not try to make any changes; changes were made during the secondary school. However, the actual reason for the cause of the problem was wrongly identified. At that period of time, I thought it was just myself being unable to keep up to the change, unable to keep up with trends my friends were following. Never once cross my mind that the problem lies with

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