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Neurophysiology of learning Learning occurs as a result of many factors. From the early centuries there were different theories that were associated with learning but the neurophysiological approach of learning started gaining strength very lately. Learning can be defined as any relatively permanent change in behaviour which occurs as a result of experience or practice. Thorndike was one of the early researcher who discovered the relation between learning and behaviour. Learning in neurophysiology is a complex process. Donald Hebb gave a lot of importance to neurophysiological aspects of learning. He was influenced by Watson, Pavlov and Kohler. He went on to work with Lashley. Hebb was constantly intrigued with the question of what actually…show more content…
This is very relevant when a person with head injury or drug effects influence neurological systems relevant to learning. The neuro anatomical and neuro physiological bases of learning are related to attention, reasoning, and executive systems etc. Attention and memory are discussed as they relate to learning in this article. Astute assessment is fundamental to planning effective teaching and learning strategies for spinal cord injured persons especially when learning deficits exist e.g in head injured persons who have sustained a spinal cord injury. Implications for client and family education derive from an understanding of the normal neurophysiological basis of learning and normal and abnormal assessment findings. Learning is dependent on several cognitive systems-attention systems, memory systems, concept formation/abstraction and reasoning systems, and the "executive" system. The neuroanatomy and neurophysiology, clinical findings associated with normal and abnormal function, and nursing implications for the nurse working with individuals with spinal cord injury will be

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