Social Cognitive Theory Analysis

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In this article the author talks about The Social Cognitive Theory and Gifted students in the classroom. The article begins with an introduction to Social Cognitive Theory and what it is. Furthermore, the article talks about how that Social Cognitive theory can be used by all students, but the concentration of this article is on how Social Cognitive Theory is used with gifted or exceptional students. It goes on to explain that there is not just one definition of gifted students, but that most classrooms are geared towards the typical student and that gifted students are sometimes left behind to follow instead of excel in the classroom. A continuing theme through out the article is can standard classrooms be the right place for gifted students and if so how to can their learning be more challenging. If gifted students are placed in average classrooms the challenge will be for teachers to be trained and to find educational material that is more suited for their academic skills which can prove to be difficult to do while also providing materials for the typical student. In the article it shows a table of different types of classrooms ranging from all gifted classrooms to gifted students being placed in traditional classroom settings and what can happen within the classroom. The article ended with the author suggesting that gifted children in order to use their full potential need to be…show more content…
It was also mentioned that exceptional students needed to be able to model and observe other students within the classroom of the same intelligence in order to adjust their own way of thinking and social skills. Also explaining how teachers need to be given the chance to take additional classes on the importance of encouraging exceptional learning from the gifted students was another strong point in the

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