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Annotated bibliography Aküzüm, C. 2014, "Knowledge Inertia and Organizational Learning as the Explanation of Organizational Performance", Educational Research and Reviews, vol. 9, no. 21, pp. 1143-1155. The author Dr Aküzüm Cemal is head of the research department in the Dicle University, faculty of education in Turkey. This journal highlights the importance of organisation that properly manage their knowledge and the benefits comes with it. The author use the term “knowledge inertia” explaining how human beings solve problems that they encounter in their daily basis both in the work places and in the personal level. He state that the knowledge does emerge as results of interaction within the organisation and in that way, that is when the…show more content…
They have published their information in a journal of knowledge management. Their findings can be used in the academic world and by management in a goal of improving the knowledge sharing in their respective organisations. The findings in this can successfully help the organisations to unbolt the importance of knowledge that resides in the peoples mind in the organisation. I will state the key point that the organisations can utilize in managing their knowledge…show more content…
He holds a PhD in social science and he is a professor of knowledge and organisations in Radboud University Nijmegen. He publish a journals and he has been included in the many works that includes journals of technology, Organizational Research Methods, knowledge and processing management. This can be a source for individuals working in organisations that want to learn more about the culture and the importance of knowledge in organisations; it can again be used by the students as a reference in the academic world. This source helps to merge the organisational culture with the knowledge sharing and point out the barriers in knowledge sharing in the organisations. This source will help me to understand the term organisational culture in depth together with the benefit that comes with the sharing of

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