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Zoos have long existed since the 4th century Bc. However, the first zoos which were modern founded in Paris and Vienna in 18th century, then it followed by many zoos in many countries all over the world. An expanding number, furthermore, would be set up for developing nations. Zoos are considered away to entertain people, also it is place to discover new animal that can't live in countries conditions. Furthermore, it affords suitable condition for animals It is also a great example for a children so they can deal with animals life. Learning trough adventures and real life actions makes children to realize the idea of animal's life. However, one of the benefits of zoos is that it has big effect on country's economy through the tourism; also zoos…show more content…
A lot of animals Exposure to extinction for example the Dinosaurs, Because of the absence of the zoos at that time dinosaurs were unable to cope with the difficult climatic conditions. While zoos were able to protect them from the threat of extinction and create new generations of them, In the meantime, natural life insurance runs somewhere down ever. The Bronx Zoo in New York, for instance, drove one of the most punctual hostage reproducing and reintroduction endeavors, sparing the American buffalo from blurring into blankness over a century back. In the 1960s and 1970s, zoo protection was invigorated by a burst of US government arrangement making concentrated on imperil species, particularly the section of the Endangered Species Act in 1973. Numerous zoos went ahead to create Species Survival Plans starting in the 1980s, which organize reproducing and populace administration programs for debilitated and imperiled creatures among zoos around the world. The objective is to make sound and genetically various creature populaces of these species over the zoo group, an exertion that can at last guide the preservation of the species in
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