Importance Of Judicial Independence

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The princip3e independence embodies impartiality, non interference with the judicial process, it also requires that judicial proceedings are conducted fairly and rights of the parties are respected . It is the duty of each member state to provide adequate resources to enable the courts sufficiently perform its duties . However judicial autonomy seems not to have taken root in the country, Resting on several occasions thre has been reports of rigorous interferences from the administrative and armed forces . worldwide standards stipulate that individuals selected for judicial office shall be individuals of uprightness with suitable training of preparation in law .In February 2013 the first staffing of future judges took place, it led to the selection of 78 judicial assistants, on the other hand both the selection procedure and the outcome of the enrollment were extensively criticized for need of transparency and preferential treatment in the choice of the candidates .it was reported that the assortment never acknowledged adequate exposure and the fact that one of the daughters of the chief justice was a0ng the appointees raised allegations of preferential treatment .the…show more content…
Accordingly, it will be of great significance to rectify the flaws in the judiciary which could be atool to resolve part of the crisis that is ongoing in the country. Judicial independence is not the private right of judges, but the foundation of judicial impartiality and is for the benefit of the public. It is a cornerstone of our system of government in a democratic society and a safeguard of the freedom and rights of the citizen under the rule of law. Judicial independence is important for a fair trial, adjudication of disputes, respect for decisions and because the judges may have to decide disputes. This research will be immensely helpful to policy makers, academics and leaders within the East African
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