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The judicial branch in state and federal level should be free from political stress in order to fulfill their duties as enforcers and protectors of the law. Although most state and the federal government allow their judges to be free from political stress, Texas is among the few states that force their judges to run in partisan elections. Making judges run in partisan elections arises various problems and diminishes the values of being a judge. Judges are faced with having to raise campaign contributions and win over the citizens. Consequently, minorities are underrepresented and voters have a lack of knowledge about the judges. All state judges in Texas are required to run in partisan elections to win the seat. Therefore, judges that run…show more content…
There are numerous of problems that come with selecting judges off a partisan election. One of the key problems is unfairness within the judicial system and the judges being appointed. Texas is known for being heavily republican and having voters that mostly vote republican. Hence, a republican judge with a bare minimum of the experience required has a superior opportunity at winning than a democratic judge who has practiced law and been a judge for several years. Voters in Texas are extremely bias when it comes to electing candidates in partisan elections, which unbalances the judges being appointed to court. By having most or all judges in the court being republican and having the same ideas about how a law should be followed, it gives the citizen an unfair trail. With having all the judges with the same mindset, there is no variety in how a law should be followed or protected. The citizens that are given the most unfair trials are the minorities since all the judges are White. Since judges are elected there is a great possibility that voters will elected the White judge over a Hispanic or African American, giving unfair trials to

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