Racism And Racism

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Racism is the belief that a specific race is superior or inferior to another, that the inherited biological characteristics of a person predetermine his/ her social and moral traits. Racism leads to separatism which is a belief that different races should remain apart from each other (Martin 64). This hatred leads to prejudices against a person due to skin, language, color, or the place of birth. The issues of race are apparent in almost every part of USA from policy formation to implementation of criminal justice policies. Racism in Policy Formation Race Issues in Housing and Loan Policies Policies in the housing sector started discriminating the blacks from the 1930s with the house owner's loan organization (Taylor 185). Banks would ascertain…show more content…
The disparities have limited the accessibility of health care facilities within non-white minority groups. In 1992, the central government responded unsatisfactorily to solve the AIDS epidemic that affected the minority societies (Martin 74). Race-issues has a significant impact on the minority health through policies related to health. For instance, racial separatism exposed the black neighborhood to chemical substances which included lead paint, respiratory irritants, litter, crowding, and noise. Significantly, the minority groups which are discriminated upon have limited access to preventive or therapeutic health…show more content…
NYCP practiced policies that discriminated against the blacks and the poor, but the lawsuit has insignificantly altered the practice (Spohn 56). Apparently, police racism persist in various government institutions including those which enforce law and the felonious justice organizations The negative perception of the USA police makes them treat the black people often harshly. The police violence continues and further stereotype people of color negatively. The charges of police racism confront the U.S. with recent events at Ferguson, Baltimore, Charleston and other areas (spohn 69). Race issues from these law enforcers have negatively impacted on the citizens of the discriminated minority. For instance, the department of justice reported that out of 26,550 complains made in 2002 about racism from police officers, about 90% had evidence (Spohn 70). Also, the brutality of the police relates to racial outlining. Race issues always emerge between the USA police and the citizens. The officers apply excessive and oppressive force on the regions occupied by the blacks. A study in 2015 showed that racism from the policemen is far from being fair. For instance, racism led to the shooting of Michael Brown in 2014 (Spohn 73). Dalen Wilson, a police officer in Ferguson, killed this unarmed black American in

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